In early 2017, Suarez released their 4th album: “Ni Rancoeur Ni Colère”. Brand new material, great songs, once again.

This time the Belgian band has worked with a dream team or French writers: Ben Mazué and Antoine Henaut “as usual”, but also Bensé and Barcella. In the same time, Marc Pinilla has brought his experience by coaching talents at the famous TV show The Voice Belgium for the second time. The album remained 6 weeks in the Belgian Top 5, and the first 2 singles (“Ni Rancoeur Ni Colère” and “Sur Tes Lèvres”) were broadcasted on all the French-speaking radio stations.

The famous venue “L’Ancienne Belgique” was sold out in February, and in May they will perform at the prestigious festival “Les Nuits Botanique” in Le Cirque Royal.

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