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Robbing Millions is influenced by pop, rock, jazz and traditional Congolese music. In other words, music with – another great quote from The 405 – “a huge amount of 'WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST EXPERIENCE' soul”.

The fact is that the young virtuosos of Robbing Millions with their clash of inventive, dreamy psychedelics, bone-dry texts and the same slack attitude have already created a unique sound on 2 EPs. One that pays homage to avant-garde pioneers like Robert Wyatt and Can, but also has alluring references to contemporary bands such as Deerhoof and Ariel Pink.

On their long-awaited debut album Robbing Millions distils this sound even further. More appealing, more accessible, more of a pop influence and at the same time crazier. Or in the words of the American blog BlackBook, “recalls the more blithe practitioners of shoegaze, but mixes it up with slick funk grooves, androgynous vocals and a strange psychedelic undercurrent.”

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