ar Agar

Both students at the Paris-Cergy’s Beaux-Arts, Clara and Armand wrote their first songs for their School’s librarian retirement. It will be the beginning of an incredible collaboration when those will be positively received on Soundcloud.

After a few brilliant live performances, the band won the 2016 edition of the Inrocks Lab competition. Since then, the two acolytes have been holding the mystery on their first EP “Cardan” released on 28th September 2016.

Rougher than their single, the warm roaring voice of Clare mingled with the 90’s tones of the Armand’s keyboard. The awesomeness of their bass lines brings you back to an “early warp” sound which obviously recalls Daniel Maloso, Black Devil Disco Club and Ariel Pink. Halfway between pop and techno influences, their music is reckless but elegant. Sincere, efficient and obvious, their sound avoids any compromise.

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